9.1mm thick, (just under 1/2�) Rock Climbing Rope Dog Leash.

Each leash is secured at each end by Equestrian grade rope clamps and finished off with a hand stitched, leather patch for a super cool taste!

Leather patch and thread may be different in color than what is pictured, we use either black or brown leather. Please leave a note if you have a preference.

When shopping for a Climbing Rope Dog Leash, be sure to look for one that is Genuine Rock Climbing Rope as opposed to Utility or Accessory Cord as these are much thinner in diameter and will have more elasticity and bounce than a Genuine Dynamic Climbing Rope. Genuine Climbing rope will withstand the sudden energy burst without the risk of snapping, unlike other inexpensively made leashes.

Climbing Rope Leash / Fuchsia, White and Blue Dog Leash

Swivel Clip
  • Handmade in New York, USA.


    Suitable for small to large dogs, not to exceed 85lbs.


    Check out our Waterproof Biothane Dog Collars to match your new leash!!

    - add a 2.5� Carabiner for $1 (you can find these in the add-on's section)


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